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List of Prasadby God/Diety/Temple Shri Jagannathji

Sri Sri Lord Jagannatha temple is situated close to see shore of Puri well know as Sri Kshetra. Lord Sri Sri Jagannatha is one of the "Avatar" of Lord Vishnu. Sri Jagannatha temple is one of the four "Dhama" (Holiest Place) of Hindu religion.

Etymologically, "Jagannath" means "Master, Lord" (nātha) of the "World, Universe" (Jagata). The word has Sanskrit origin, being a tatsama in Oriya. It is a relational-case Tatpurusa compound word.

Sri Jaggannatha temple is also known to be one of the oldes temple ( more than 1000 yr) where people of all cast ( from "Brahmin" to "Sudra")of Hindu dharama visit together and eat the "Maha Prasad" together.

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