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Our society has been built and surviving with such strong faith on the Almighty. It is difficult to predict from when the civilization started in India, may be thousands of years. It is surprising that our Vedas and even Mahabharata and Ramayana are written in those pre historic ages. But what is written there still holds good today.  It’s a matter of concern that gradually our society is turning towards the culture of west and we are gradually missing the social value system. We are becoming social mania by appearing in facebook / twitter but no time or less time to get a minute of piece and bow down near our Deities.
A strong culture of doing prayer as a society our ancestor have created temples in every villages and cities. With years of strong faith and culture we have built special relationship with deities in many of the famous teamples . We always wish to visit to these temples to get a glimpse of our God/Goddess and get a small pie of the Prasad for us and our family. But in this era we are moving far away cities for living and so the temples are now becoming remote places and we are getting detached from our sole day by day.

PrasadSeva Initiatives
PrasadSeva is an initiative to bring back our rich culture of past, when we were believing each other and in our almighty religious Gods and Goddesses. We have tried to create a simple logistic to provide you the Prasad from various famous temples throughout India, which may not give the feeling in comparison to in person visit.  PrasadSeva is an initiative to create a space in our heart for the almighty.
It will be great if you can provide your valuable feedback on our initiative. Also please suggest if you would like to see any other related services. PrasadSeva team will try their best to see that we are able to help you on those aspects.


Prasad is a medium to self satisfaction and having the feeling of GOD. But keep in mind that to be close to the GOD we need to have belive on truth, peace and humanity without which prasad has no value.

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